Real Instagram Followers: how to attract?

18 January 2020

Followers are the key indicators of the popularity of your social media account. The more followers visit your profile, leave comments, repost, the more effective the page is. Real followers are valued more than fakes. Thanks to real network users, you will be able to promote your business or personal brand; increase the credibility of your account; attract more potential customers; increase the cost of the advertisements sold on the page; increase your conversion rates. There are two ways to make your Instagram followers pay attention. You should order the Boostank service. Before you order, you need to answer the following questions: 1. How to recognize a real follower among bots. 2. How real Instagram followers differ from fake? Here are the warning signs for fakes: no photo of a real person; no posts; simple posts; old dates; closed account. In fact, fake or innactive subscribers spoil the statistics and reputation of the account owner. Due to fake activity, the tracking real users becomes more complicated, the effective advertising decreases. It leads to a decline in sales and interest in your profile. Live followers on Instagram are real people who have their own page on the social network. They often leave comments, like, repost and are happy to buy your products, thus showing interest in your account. Thanks to live profiles, the loyalty of the audience you already have increases, and new subscribers become interested in you. The Best Ways to Get the Attention of Live Subscribers Now let's move on to describing the ways and tools that will help you attract the attention of a real audience. 1. Increase subscribers on the Boostank service To do this, you need to enter the required number of subscribers in a special form on the site and find out the cost for this service. After payment, you will be able to watch in real time how the fast cheat of subscribers is happening: from 1500 to 3000 people per day. These will be only live followers on Instagram who regularly visit the social network. This method is more efficient, inexpensive and faster. 2. Self-attracting people to the page From all the variety of possibilities, let us single out those tools that can bring real results. But it is important to remember that this method is more expensive and time-consuming. 1. Interesting content about your brand, values ??and principles. Be respectfull and friendly towards users. 2. Polls establish a connection between the brand and the audience and find out their opinion about the company. 3. Correct hashtags will be visible to people interested in your topic. 4. Promotion and advertising. 5. Communicate and comment on to your publications. Don't forget about subscriber likes. Try new formats, come up with your own life hacks. Some crazy ideas can become huge success.