How to improve your service: Instagram followers will love it

19 January 2020

Psychologistis found out that a potential customer makes a decision to buy after 5 views of an advertisement. Customers need to be prepared and warmed up and later pushed to buy. Most people do not easily believe words and good reviews because customers are skeptics. To influence your audience you need to choose the right titles for posts, work with the comments, work with the audience, provide a good service, show respect for competitors. Instagram and other social networks followers appreciate positive vibes. Some bloggers try to show their superiority and talk about the competitors' weaknesses.What you sow, so will you reap. It is called cheap PR. It can discourage potential consumers. There are three steps on the "product - consumer" path. First step is a creation of the product. Your product is your brand, logo, description, corporate quality content. You will never make money on sub-standard goods or service. Instagram followers will leave you r account with negative reviews. Second step is Advertising. You can go to the Moon and back. Marketing is important! There are so many tricks: smiles, babies, animals ,sex, beaches, shamans, dances, tambourines, astrology. There many offers in the feed for any user. Have you seen it? It is done for warming up the audience so they will purchase. One more way of warm-up is give-aways and freebies. You can give away checklists, books, trials, lessons, guides. You can entice Instagram followers to your hotel by using the VIP taxi service. Consumers love gifts with real value. Create only useful content and keep your subscribers engaged so they are waiting for your post every day. Yes, generating content is very time consuming and labor intensive! If you are not a god of content, hire a copywriter. Good copywriting is not cheap but you have to spin your ads daily in the recommendation feed of your subscribers. But the constant imposition creates a backlash, and if you set up targeted ads incorrectly, you can only make it worse. All tips work for accounts with a large number of active subscribers. If an account is not yet popular, we recommend using our service. You will get instant Instagram subscribers, likes, comments, views, bookmarks, and even live viewers immediately after paying for the order. Boostank specialists work around the clock. We are ready to promptly respond to all your requests. There are different service options to order. Choose the most one that is optimal for your needs. We also offer many additional benefits for our registered customers. Which? Find out after a simple registration that takes less than 2 minutes.